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QC3270 Digital Video Camera

Inverness, IL, Jul 25 2005 - Argus Camera Company is proud to introduce the QC3270dv, the next best thing to a full featured camcorder at a fraction of the price.  This is a digital video camera that features a 1.5” LTPS display screen with an 8 times digital zoom for pictures and 4 times for video. It offers high quality voice recording along with a 64MB NAND Flash internal memory.  Aside from its video capability, this camera is a 3.2 Mega Pixel digital camera, capable of capturing high resolution pictures.

“The new Digital Video Camera QC3270 is another example of Argus’ ability to create the highest-level digital imaging technology within a cost-conscious economic environment,” said Michael Murphy, Director of Product Development for Argus Camera Company.

Specifications for the QC3270:


1.5" LTPS Display


3.2 Mega Pixel still image capture

Digital Zoom

8x pictures, 4x video

Audio Recording

High quality voice recording

Internal Memory

64MB NAND Flash Internal Memory

Video capturing

30 FPS VGA video recording

Expansion slot

SD Storage Card Slot


Web camera functionality

Argus Camera, founded in 1936, has a long tradition of simplifying technology in imaging products for the mass-market consumer and providing quality photographic instruments at outstanding prices. The first product was the Argus C, accepting Kodak's 1" x 1 ½ film formats and was an immediate success.

In 1939, Argus announced the C3 also fondly referred to as the "Brick". The C3 still stands as the best selling camera model in history at 3,000,000 units. In the 1940s Argus introduced the Argoflex Camera, a twin lens reflex camera, followed by the A2 in the 1950s, and then an updated version of the C3, the C4, in the 1960s.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s Argus focused mostly on video projectors and professional photographic studio cameras. In 2003, Argus Camera Company was the first digital camera manufacturer to launch a full-featured digital camera with a color LCD priced under $50.00.

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